A final responsibility to continue on the path to Greatness

After an overwhelming majority of Scots delivered an incredible verdict on the hard fought and well argued Scottish referendum, its now the turn of the Great British public to continue the momentum to greatness. Elections 2015 are one of the most critical elections in recent history, one that would decide the track our country follows in the years to come.

There has been a lot of hard work that’s gone in over the last parliament to get the country back on its feet and make it the fastest growing economies amongst the advanced economies of the world. This was not an easy feat to achieve in midst of record deficit, world-wide recession and a hard pressed, cash strapped, highly indebted population up and down the country. Yet – the Conservatives delivered a performance that has been matched by no other country. The government held to its policies and decisions even as the IMF and other respected think tanks criticised its fiscal and monetary policies and scrutinised the economic impacts they had. Plan A worked well indeed!

This is all in contrast to what Labour has done in the past and what it stands for – a deficit ballooning party that still believes in buying its way out of tough times. Looking at the achievements of the current Conservative (in a coalition arrangement with the Lib Dems) government, its clear to me that the way forward is to carry on the momentum we have got and not to stray away from the already successful policies in place.

We are an aspirational society that has historically been successful of the back of the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of the many communities across the country. Over the last 2-3 years, we have re-established that strength. UK is now the entrepreneurial powerhouse of Europe, we have booming industries, we have a strengthening financial industry – all of which is creating more jobs and allowing people to be aspirational once again.

Going back to Labour will mean going back to the old days of borrowing more to spend – only for the future generation to again suffer due to the mistakes of current generation, something that we have all witnessed very recently.

We have a final responsibility of voting  sensibly – voting for a government that has a stable set of policies, that has a proven track record and that is committed to bring back the Greatness to Great Britain. Let’s make it happen!

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