The man who redefined ghazal


Here’s a man who is (I still don’t want to say ‘was’) immensely talented, had an understanding of how to engage his audience and is credited with making ghazals mainstream on an unprecedented scale. I am personally a HUGE fan of Jagjit Singh. I have heard his countless ghazals and recordings of live concerts (and attended some).

I don’t think there was anything he left unturned to ensure that the masses appreciated this genre of music. India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna, is meant to recognise individuals who have not just excelled in their fields but have raised the bar of the profession. Jagjit saab did exactly this and more for ghazals.

The testament to his immeasurable talent is the fact that his music spanned and will span generations. His compositions touched millions, he made sure that his listeners understood and felt what the Urdu verses meant, his music gets better every time you listen to it – it’s timeless, flawless and ingenious.

It’s time we, Indians, make sure that Jagjit saab is given the honour he so deserves. He is still ubiquitous with his music and will go down in history as someone who transformed ghazal singing.

Lets get our voices heard – Jagjit Singh for Bharat Ratna.


Huzoor apka bhi ehteram karta chaloon, idhar se guzra tha socha salaam karta chaloon